Solace: The New World

Adventure 1: Departure

4th Taijal: The party gathers in Saiden’s Landing. Jean meets with the Trade Consortium, is tasked with negotiating payment from Lady Charem Seilan.

5th Taijal: The party arrives in Seilan Manor, where they convince Lady Seilan to make good on her debt to the Consortium in exchange for restructuring her payments.

6th Taijal: The party regroups in Saiden’s Landing, makes final preparations for their journey, then journeys forth, headed for the town of Perdition.

21st Tajal: A band of deserters waylay the party as they attempt to cross the Kalzan River at the Vama Crossing. The party negotiates safe passage in exchange for medicine and treatment, and convinces the deserters to stop their banditry and seek employment around Saiden’s Landing.

30th Tajal: The party is attacked by a pack of dustwolves a few days outside of Perdition. Manda, Choco, and one horse are killed in the attack. Three grandfather clocks are lost.

Convince Lady Seilan to repay her debts to the consortium: 150 XP (critical)
Help Lady Seilan renegotiate her contract with the consortium: 100 XP
Treat the highwayman’s doctor: 150 XP
Cross the river without killing any highwaymen: 200 XP (critical)
Stop the highwaymen from holding up the road: 200 XP
2 Mobs Dustwolves: 120 XP
1 Alpha Dustwolf: 80 XP
Total XP (x1): 1000 XP
5 PCs, Menace II: 9 Rep
Critical Objectives (2) 2 Rep
Purging the the bandits from Vama Crossing: 5 Rep
Total Rep: 17 Rep (+ Legend)


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